Is your Business problem, having more projects and work to do than people and money to do the work?

Having an overview of how your staff works will allow you to evaluate the best way to improve their performance and help them work more efficiently.

Research Life Cycle Management for effective and constant innovation

Our software allows you to manage projects by tracking:

  • Our software allows you to manage projects by tracking: Efficiently create research proposals based on Sponsor and Organizational administrative and financial rules and ensure compliance is met.
  • A complete list of who is responsible for the research proposal and project and related tasks.
  • Track Personnel and subtasks.
  • Financial (disposition) income and outflow-the ability to follow the money throughout the project, with an ending audit available when the project is complete.
  • Issues that arise during a project.
  • Changes made to a project.
  • A complete record of correspondence of those participating in the project.
  • Research proposals and contracts.
  • Sponsor Budgeting templates.
  • Customizable workflow approvals and tracking.
  • Documentation.
  • Regional requirements.

Every member of your project can enter data, which is immediately available for the remaining members to view in real-time.

Integrated Proposal Development and comprehensive Project Management

  • Managing the project to ensure postings/expenses comply with the Sponsor’s administrative guidelines to maximize the funding received and prevent compliance-related findings. 
  • Leverage budget availability controls to prevent project cost overruns and determine if the project budget is underutilized as the grant end date approaches. 
  • Easily manage staff allocations for a specific project or across all projects. 
  • Calculate and post Sponsor overhead/indirect costs and Sponsor billings, then provide Sponsor financial reporting as required in the grant/contract agreement. 

From proposal to closeout, your research projects can be managed more efficiently with greater visibility within the Organization and save time, so Researchers can spend additional time focusing on outcomes and less time on administrative tasks.

Value to Your Research Organization

What businesses or organizations are the best fit for what TFI Could have to offer? Those that:

  • One-stop shopping via portal access to all processes and reporting
  • Intuitive and customizable Proposal management processes
  • Receive and manage grant funding based on the Sponsor’s administrative and financial guidelines
  • Collaboration with the research team and manage the project simultaneously
  • Allow Research project managers and administrators to track and manage multiple projects
  • Transform the Central Research Office to support the planning, execution, and funding of a proposal
  • Increase project visibility whether viewing at a glance or in detail regarding tasks, open issues, or services
  • Provide reporting dashboards to easily manage grant funding, resources, and KPIs
  • Deal with fiscal year and budget portfolio planning

Our Personal Attention Process

Our team will work with your organization to identify specific challenges or “pain points.”

TFI Cloud, will implement an end-to-end process and incorporate strategies to increase User satisfaction and adoption, increase the visibility of sponsored funding and reduce costs associated with business process inefficiencies.  

We will assist you in integrating our PPM solution with your ERP systems to create a smooth transition.

We have established a training component to our services in order to enhance your success at every level. Furthermore, we understand that helping your organization become more efficient results in enhanced success and greater profits.

At TFI Cloud, we want to be the company whose life cycle management systems get you to the next level.

Get started in creating your personalized, innovative management system designed to streamline your organization or business.