TFI Cloud Implements and Integrates SAP Enterprise Portfolio and Project Management (EPPM), SAP Commercial Project Management (CPM), SAP Multi-resource Scheduling (MRS), and other Cloud Solutions.

About us

TFI Cloud is a software solution provider with a primary focus on SAP Enterprise Portfolio and Project Management (SAP EPPM), SAP Commercial Project Management (SAP CPM), SAP Multi-Resource and Scheduling (SAP MRS), and Business Intelligence (SAP Business Objects).

TFI Cloud has excellent client references that testify to its many successful enterprises in the private and public sectors. Maintaining good relationships with our clients is our foremost initiative and priority.

Our Divisions

Business and technology services work together to provide the highest quality of services to our customers.

We currently work with SAP pre-sales and account executives in the Americas to provide product overviews and briefings and POC (Proof of Concept) for prospective customers.


Support Services

TFI Cloud also offers Support Services to fit any customer’s economic needs:

  • On-Site– All project work is performed by full-time resources on the customer site.
  • Offshore– Our Integration Manager leads blueprint sessions on-site and works with our near-shore team to design and develop robust solutions to meet our customer’s needs. To ensure the quality of our solutions, we use an interactive prototype model.
  • Hybrid – In this model, we work with customers to define the right balance of on-site and offshore resources to accomplish the project goals within a particular client’s budget constraints.

We are Leaders in Portfolio and Project Management

Looking for a single source of truth for your enterprise, we got the solution! Let us create your personalized, innovative management system to streamline your organization.

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